WHY DRUGBUSTER® drug disposal system?

Take control of your unused medications now with the worlds only instant drug disposal system!



INSTANT disposal prevents:




Child Poisoning



  • More than half of the two million poisonings reported annually occur in children under the age of six and happen at home- 80% of those involve medications left unattended in the home.


  • 50% of all pet poisonings involve "human drugs"


  • 250 million lbs. of medications get dumped into our water and soil annually by flushing or land-filling.


  • The drug of choice by teens are the drugs left lying around your home.


Instant Drug Disposal System

DRUGBUSTER® drug disposal system has been developed using simple earth friendly ingredients to closely replicate the human stomach function. The patented solution instantly breaks down unwanted medications to help in preventing drug abuse, diversion and poisoning.

DRUGBUSTER® drug disposal system also contains reactionary properties which prevents solution from being knowingly re-ingested. DRUGBUSTER® drug disposal system is effective for the great majority of medication forms including transdermal patches.

All federal, state and national guidelines require the contents be rendered undesirable and unusable. Please refer to your local regulations to ensure specific compliance. When product is added to Drug Buster's patented solution, medications start to dissolve instantly. The end result is a non-digestible liquid which may be disposed of similar to common home garbage.



DRUGBUSTER® drug disposal system provides immediate disposal of unused medications/drugs in your home or facility. Stop waiting to dispose of drug and medications, dissolve your drugs and medication today! Immediate disposal with Drug Buster is safe, efficient, and provides great piece of mind.


Medications and pills start dissolving on contact with solution. No incineration or mail-in necessary. It is guaranteed responsible disposal and minimizes pollution of the environment.


Add unwanted medications AND invert for (15) seconds. Drug Buster is a multiple use system which can be used until reaching 1" of the bottle opening. Once bottle reaches full level tighten cap securely and throw into the trash.

THAT WAS EASY!!                                                
Proudly Made in the USA